Our Development Process

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  • Define & Discover

    Discuss requirements with stakeholders and define the objectives of the projects. As an output we prepare one detailed document of specifications. This document is further checked for validity , feasibility , risk analysis and assumptions to be considered in the system.

  • Design

    This is the important phase of the process. In this phase , we design complete system.It starts with system architecture which is the backbone of the system which also helps us to define software and hardware requirements for the system. Then we decide how whole system gonna work and divide the system in number of modules.

  • Implement

    Next phase is to implement each module. This is the phase where actual coding is done. 

  • Test

    Once implementation done, system is tested against the requirements defined in the first phase of process. This is just to ensure that system is implemented as per the specifications or not. This includes unit testing , integration testing , user acceptance testing.

  • Deploy

    In this phase we deploy the system on client's site and launch it.

  • Maintain

    Once users starts using software/app , that is when undiscovered issues start coming. Our development team ensures that these kind of issues fixed as soon as they arise.